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......@@ -64,15 +64,13 @@
<section id="fragments">
<p>Hit the next arrow...</p>
<p class="fragment">... to step through ...</p>
<p><span class="fragment">... a</span> <span class="fragment">fragmented</span> <span class="fragment">slide.</span></p>
<aside class="notes">
This slide has fragments which are also stepped through in the notes window.
<section data-background="img/wiosh.png">
<h2>Open Hardware</h2>
<p>Cos'è l'open Hardware?</p>
<p class="fragment">Oggetti fisici dei quali vengono rilasciati i sorgenti del progetto</p>
<p class="fragment">I sorgenti devono essere modificabili e condivisibili liberamente</p>
<p class="fragment">Deve essere possibile per tutti studiare, modificare, creare e
vendere oggetti creati a partire da open hardware</p>
<h2>Fragment Styles</h2>
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