Commit 6c1ad855 authored by Yohan Boniface's avatar Yohan Boniface

Init Measurable handler even if the contol is not added to the map

fix umap-project/umap#393
parent af985bde
......@@ -251,7 +251,7 @@ L.Storage.Map.include({
position: 'topleft',
widgetOptions: {helpText: L._('Open this map extent in a map editor to provide more accurate data to OpenStreetMap')}
this._controls.measure = new L.MeasureControl();
this._controls.measure = (new L.MeasureControl()).initHandler(this);
this._controls.more = new L.S.MoreControls();
this._controls.scale = L.control.scale();
if (this.options.scrollWheelZoom) this.scrollWheelZoom.enable();
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