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removed note on Ramps

ramps do have power for the servos, the power comes from the power connector, not sure why this note was even made
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......@@ -310,14 +310,6 @@ Instructions for configuring Bed Auto Leveling
There are two options for this feature. You may choose to use a servo mounted on the X carriage or you may use a sled that mounts on the X axis and can be docked when not in use.
See the section for each option below for specifics about installation and configuration. Also included are instructions that apply to both options.
Note for RAMPS users:
By default, RAMPS have no power on servo bus (if you happen to have a multimeter, check the voltage on servo power pins).
In order to get the servo working, you need to supply 5V to 5V pin.. You can do it using your power supply (if it has a 5V output) or jumping the "Vcc" from Arduino to the 5V RAMPS rail.
These 2 pins are located just between the Reset Button and the yellow fuses... There are marks in the board showing 5V and VCC.. just connect them..
If jumping the arduino Vcc do RAMPS 5V rail, take care to not use a power hungry servo, otherwise you will cause a blackout in the arduino board ;-)
Instructions for Both Options
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