Commit dee6322b authored by Scott Lahteine's avatar Scott Lahteine

Merged 1.1.0-RC6 Version changes

parents 30c9893b df2d0eb3
......@@ -180,8 +180,8 @@ FORCE_INLINE float intersection_distance(float initial_rate, float final_rate, f
// Calculates trapezoid parameters so that the entry- and exit-speed is compensated by the provided factors.
void calculate_trapezoid_for_block(block_t* block, float entry_factor, float exit_factor) {
unsigned long initial_rate = ceil(block->nominal_rate * entry_factor); // (step/min)
unsigned long final_rate = ceil(block->nominal_rate * exit_factor); // (step/min)
unsigned long initial_rate = ceil(block->nominal_rate * entry_factor),
final_rate = ceil(block->nominal_rate * exit_factor); // (steps per second)
// Limit minimal step rate (Otherwise the timer will overflow.)
NOLESS(initial_rate, 120);
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