Commit ee291df4 authored by diesys's avatar diesys 🎈

fix double v in version print

parent 313e048a
......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ unit = "[Unit]\nDescription=Intel BackLight Util, changes owner of /sys/class/bl
HELP = {"asciiart": " _ __ __\n (_) / / / _ __\n / / _ \/ / // /\n/_/_.__/_/\_,_/ v",
"title": "iblu",
"version": " v",
"version": "",
"descr": "\nIntel Black-Light Util: a simple utility to change backlight via cli.\n",
"usage": "\n\t0-100\t\tsets backlight to the given percentage\n\ti (inc)\t\tincreases backlight by a step, optionally add a number to custom percentage (default is " + str(shift_std_pc) + "%)\n\td (dec)\t\tdecreases backlight, optionally add a number to custom percentage (default is " + str(shift_std_pc) + "%)\n\tc (curr)\t\tshows the current\n\tv\t\tshows verbose output\n\tV\t\tshows very verbose output (for debug)\n\tOFF\t\tturns off backlight (use with a grain of salt)\n\tUNIT\t\tprompts in terminal the Systemd unit raw text (better using with I/O redirecting)\n\n\t--install \tinstall from local directory (a cloned repo!)\n\t--install-git\tclone the online repo and install it into the system\n\t-u, --update\tchek for any new commits from git repo and install them\n\nexample: iblu i30\t#increases of 30% the current backlight (30 is optional)\n",
# "notes": "\n\n\t! WARNING: motogif may overwrite or remove its own temp files or any files passed as argument",
......@@ -205,6 +205,10 @@ if(len(sys.argv) == 2): ## getting
elif"^-+(-update|u)$", sys.argv[1]):
promptHelp('Updating ...', ['asciiart', 'version'])
# version
elif"^--version$", sys.argv[1]):
# turns off
elif("^OFF$", option)):
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